One Little Bedtime Routine that Changed Everything!

Little Bedtime Routine that changed everything...

It’s funny how one little choice can continue to impact you long after it is made and in ways you never expected. Last year I started a new little bedtime routine of giving my daughter a nightly foot rub with essential oils. I chose oils that encourage calm and relaxation to promote peaceful sleep and added them to coconut oil to create a massage oil. My goal was to give me daughter a smoother transition from being awake and energized to sleeping soundly through the night. Out of all my kids, she is my most spirited, challenging child. She know how to push all my buttons and she more stubborn (determined???) that anyone I have ever met. As well as overly sensitive and highly attuned to the world around her.

Everyone knows that young children do best with some sort of nightly routine to help them prepare for bed. This particular little bedtime routine also has the advantage of involving much needed physical touch that high needs children crave and the ritual of giving the foot rub is incredibly bonding. Soon, she looked forward to bedtime and the special one on one time she knew she would get. It was a chance for us to talk and wind down as well as getting those very calming essential oils into her system to help her relax.

After our first batch of customized “sleepy oil” ran out and it was time to mix up a new batch, my sweet girl wanted to choose which oils went into the mixture, so in addition to the usual relaxing oils we added her choice and I decided to add some immune supporting oils for good measure. I continued with this nightly ritual. It’s funny, because when you start a new routine with kids, if they like it, they never let you forget! They provide the much needed accountability needed to create a new habit.

I recently realized the extra bonus we were getting on top of the lovely bedtime ritual and bonding. Staying well! Imagine realizing one day that your child hadn’t been sick in months or even a year. Imagine realizing that it was because of small new habits you had formed to support their immune systems and give their bodies the tools they needed to stay healthy. This was HUGE. I was no longer waiting for someone to get sick and responding. I had created daily habits that kept my kids healthy in the first place. When I think about past years and and the stress caused by dealing with illness and worrying about my kids, I simply feel grateful for everything I have learned about health, real food and essential oils. Being proactive about our health is my biggest goal and seeing my kids thriving and healthy feels AWESOME.


Little Bedtime Routine Roll-on recipe:

Lavender essential oil

Cedarwood essential oil

Thieves Essential Oil Blend (where I get all my essential oils)

Sweet Almond Oil (or grape seed oil if you have a nut allergy)

Mix 20 drops of each of the essential oils into 1 oz of the Sweet Almond oil into either a roll on bottle or a massage oil bottle. Mix well and apply nightly to little feet, massage well!



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