A beginner’s guide to going toxin free with baby

Going Toxin Free with Baby

I always thought the phrase “smooth as a baby’s bottom” sounded kind of funny. But it has some truth to it! Have you felt a baby’s bum lately? It is velvety soft and smooth. And their smooth, little, kissable cheeks. Sometimes babies are so cute I could just eat them up (is that weird?). There is a huge market for baby skincare products, ranging from soaps and creams to powders and balms. Honestly, most of it is just an excuse to dig in the pockets of new parents and grandparents.

Baby skin actually does better with LESS intervention, not MORE. And if baby skin does have trouble, it usually has to do more with interference or a reaction to many of the harsh chemicals in their environment to which our bodies may have grown accustomed. So, how to do you know if you need to go toxin free with baby? Common culprits that can cause discomfort in baby skin are in the diet, body products (not just for baby, but anyone in the home who handles the baby… especially a breastfeeding mom) and cleaners. Have you ever considered that the cleaners you use in your home get into the air and are breathed in by everyone in the home. The cleaners you wipe down the floors, cabinets and tubs with can remain on that surface and then be absorbed into your skin and get into your bloodstream. This may sound crazy, but I would rather my baby play in some good, all natural dirt than on a freshly cleaned floor (or take a bath in a freshly cleaned tub!!!) that was cleaned with conventional cleaners filled with toxic chemicals. 

Figuring out how to go toxin free with baby is more than just waiting to see if your baby has sensitive skin and reacts poorly to harsh chemicals. Even babies (and all humans) who don’t have a strong reaction are still negatively impacted by these chemicals and it can have long term affects on their health. So, here is a beginner’s guide to going toxin free with baby!

  1. Discontinue using anything with “fragrance” in the ingredients or on the label. This seemingly harmless word can contain up to 300 toxic chemicals that are covered under it’s umbrella. Check your cleaners, soaps, body products, laundry detergent and baby’s products. Think about it. If you are washing sheets and clothes with something toxic and then baby is wearing and sleeping on the chemical residue, that is going to have an impact.
  2. Replace them with natural, non toxic products. You make them yourself or buy from a company you trust. Since this can be an overwhelming task, don’t be afraid to take one item at a time find a replacement for. Here are some of my favorites:



Soap nuts with a few drops of purification essential oil

Thieves Laundry detergent (I get it from the same place I get my essential oils)

Baby products:

Smooth Baby skin serum

Homemade baby wipes

Baby Shampoo and body wash


Household cleaning

DIY all purpose cleaner

Thieves cleaner (for those that don’t want to make their own), which I get the same place I get my essential oils.


Real Food

I don’t follow a fancy diet. But I do think that processed foods are harmful and that we should all be eating, REAL food. Check out this guide to Getting Started with Real Food.


It doesn’t have to happen overnight…

If going toxin free with baby seems overwhelming, just remember that this is a journey. None of us do it perfectly or got here overnight. I started with one thing at a time and worked my way to a cleaner lifestyle, but now I can say that it has been totally worth it. My kids rarely get sick and when they do, they recover faster. The combination of getting toxic chemicals out of their environment, feeding them REAL food and using essential oils  in our home has transformed our health. It’s the difference between being proactive and reactive. I challenge you to take your families health and wellness into YOUR own hands!!!


Photo credit: Kimberly A Burns Photography

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