Essential Oils for Backpacking

I just got home from possibly one of the most exciting adventures of my life. Definitely the most physically adventurous! I hiked the Laugavegur Trail in Iceland, which is 54 miles in the volcanic highlands of Iceland.


Across mountain passes filled with snow, winding desert-like roads through black sanded valleys and windswept hills that took my breath away with their raw, sheer, beauty. I am not an expert backpacker. I did one other trip with my husband to prepare for this one, but other than that, hiking many miles into the wilderness, carrying everything I need on my back, is a brand new experience for me. I thought long and hard about which essential oils to take with me and also, what quantities to bring, since the goal is to carry as little as possible in order to keep the packs light. Please be aware, that the quality of the oils makes all the difference in the world. (This is where I get my essential oils) So, this was my essential kit:


Deep Relief. This is a blend from Young Living that I love and feels AMAZING on your muscles after a long day of hiking. Towards the end of each day when other people were fantasizing about steak or ice cream, I fantasized about massaging Deep Relief onto my legs and feet. And each night, it lived up to my expectations! I went through an entire 10ml bottle on this trip. Bringing it was the best decision ever. I also shared it with fellow hikers.

DiGize. This is another blend from Young Living that I simply don’t leave home without. I wanted to make sure that living on rehydrated foods and trail mix, my digestive system had all the support it needed. I took this in a 1ml bottle however, as I generally only use one drop at a time, so for a 10 day trip, that seemed like a perfect size.

Lavender. Nothing beats lavender for maintaining healthy skin. I also brought it to help me relax and sleep, but I was so tired every night, I never used it! Also brought a 1ml bottle of this.

En-R-Gee. My goal with this oil was to use it when I felt tired or “done” hiking and needed some “umph” to keep going. I put it on my scarf halfway through the first day when we found out that the first campsite we planned to stop at after 12 km was snowed over, so we were forced to continue hiking an additional 12km to get to the second stop. It had the added benefit of masking the sulphur smell that blew across the path from the steamy geothermal vents we hiked past. I remember putting it on my scarf, taking a deep breath and keeping on when I felt like I just couldn’t anymore. This will forevermore be one of my favorite oils. I took a 5ml bottle of this one, although 1ml probably would have been enough.

Thieves. Anyone who has ever used thieves knows how fantastic it is for immune support. I take it every time I travel anywhere, but it came in useful on this trip for putting in my tea and spraying in my throat. I brought a 1ml bottle of this as well.

Panaway. I brought this blend in case I ran out of Deep Relief. I only ended up using it once when the deep relief ran out.

R.C. Another blend from Young Living. This one helps to maintain healthy breathing!


Other items in my essential kit: 

Carrier Oil: I took a 5ml bottle of carrier oil, just in case any of the oils were too warm on the skin. I’m so glad I did this, because Deep Relief is VERY intense and while that felt amazing on my legs, the skin on my neck and back is a little more sensitive and after applying it, the skin felt warm, so I added a layer of carrier oil, which then felt amazing.

Body Butter: I took a tiny 1/2oz tub of DIY body butter which I used on my face if it started to feel dry from the wind. I sometimes added the lavender to this.

Healthy Scalp Shampoo: I also like to use my own healthy scalp shampoo, so I brought a two oz bottle of that, so that I could wash my hair.

Keychain Case: I love this little case and at home it stays in my purse all the time. But it turns out it is the perfect size for backpacking, because you can take 8 different oils and still remind incredibly lightweight. Perfection.



This trip was such an adventure. It stretched me and help me find strength in myself that I had never tapped into before. I’m so glad my husband talked me into this and we will DEFINITELY be doing it again. And I am so glad I brought my essential oils for backpacking, since I used them all the time. Next time, I get to pick the next destination!!!!

Want to learn more about where I get my essential oils?


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