Colorado Backpacking in June? Yes, please!

When was the last time we had a vacation without our delightful, darling children? Never. Well, never more than a night and not together. He has taken trips. I have taken trips. We have taken the kids on trips. But just the two of us. Not since pre-children. So you can imagine our delight at flying to Colorado for a week and spending some wonderful time exploring the mountains together.

We flew to Denver first to visit my brother and teach an essential oils class (my husband likes to remind me that just because I work on a trip and it is tax deductible that doesn’t mean FREE). We enjoyed a pretty little day hike while we were there and a hot tub in a rainstorm.

On day 3 we drove out into the mountains to do some Colorado backpacking in June. You know. Where cell phones and data don’t work and you have to like, talk to each other and stuff. Fortunately, talking is my strong suite. 😉


At the Eagleton Trailhead.

Part of the reason we took this trip was to test out all of our backpacking gear (and our bodies) to see if it was in good working order for our backpacking trip to Iceland this August. Justin is an experienced backpacker, but I have never done it before, so I was curious how I would do. And if I would die. I also had expressed some doubt in all of the gadgets he thought we needed. But I realized my husband is wiser than I thought (I mean, I knew he was smart, but…)

We hiked mostly uphill the first day. about 4 miles total, but it felt like more because, you know. MOUNTAINS. The countryside was beautiful and we didn’t see any other human beings until we made camp by a beautiful little lake.

After hiking I became quite sick. I don’t know if it was altitude sickness or the jerky with MSG for lunch (I know, I know. What was I thinking?), but I couldn’t eat dinner and then I threw up lunch and went to bed at 5 pm. Justin read aloud to me in our tent and even though I felt sick that is one of my favorite memories from the trip.

We woke up early and I felt MUCH better the next day. We finished the hike, which was another 6 miles, but since it was mostly downhill, it was very doable and my faith in my abilities to travel by foot with a pack on my back was restored.

We drove to Steamboat after we finished the hike and we discovered the amazing Strawberry Park Hot Springs. Talk about a perfect end to the hike. These hot springs came steaming out of the hill into cascades of little pools that had been on different levels. The cold stream ran by for you to jump in if the water got to hot and we spent 3 hours there that afternoon, soaking our tired muscles, people watching and talking.

Colorado Backpacking in June? Yes, please!


The next two days we explored Steamboat, ate at charming little restaurants and I taught another essential oils class. We returned home on day 6, refreshed, relaxed and invigorated.

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