Imperfections in housekeeping

This week a reader asked on my Facebook page if I would do a post on how I organize my kitchen, especially with limited space. I think this is a terrific post idea and I plan on doing it! But let me get real for a minute. My kitchen is dirty. I am sitting at my table, helping my son with his writing schoolwork and behind me is a sink full of dishes and a counter that needs to be cleared and wiped. There are various piles of stuff where they oughtn’t be. There are jars of things fermenting in the corner and my kitchen aid has dried, crusted sourdough bread dough stuck to it from the last time I made bread. 

The honest truth is, I can’t keep up on my housework. I work at it every day, but I am usually behind. There are usually piles of dishes or laundry, or both. It’s much harder to keep the house clean with four children, a dog and cat that live here 24/7. When my kids went to school I was able to keep up, but now that we are home during the day and we eat 3 meals plus snacks, it is simply more than one momma can handle. I’m not giving up. I fight the good fight every day. But I also blog, take bike rides, teach my kids reading, writing, math, history, science, music and geography and organize a church music program. There are only so many hours in the day and I try to keep a balance of how many hours are spent on each thing.

So, yes. My kitchen has a system and underneath the unscrubbed pots and pans you see on first glance, there is organization, but good luck seeing it on a given day. This is one of my many imperfections that I am okay with. I am about to go wash some dishes. But I promise in a couple of hours you won’t be able to tell that I did.

In fact, this week I am doing lots of extra cleaning because we have out of town guests coming. But cleaning with 4 kids (one is a toddler and one a preschooler) is like shoveling snow in a blizzard. Even if they (especially if they) help. Someday, my kids will be gone and my house will be clean. But I’m not eager for that day. Life is pretty good the way it is.

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