You might have crunchy kids if…


You Might Have Crunchy Kids if…

We all had so much fun this week taking the You Might Be Crunchy if… quiz, that I decided to do a version for kids. You can’t make your husband crunchy, but you certainly can try with your kids. Even if you aren’t trying, kids pick up on your choices and want to imitate you (sometimes for better, sometimes for worse). So, with the help of my readers and blogging buddies I have assembled questions for the kids version of the quiz. Just how crunchy are your kids?

  1. They turn their noses up at low-fat dairy.
  2. They tell grandma that they don’t want to eat her microwaved food.
  3. They go to the neighbor’s house, look at the plate of strawberries, and go “Are these organic?”
  4. They know what kombucha is and ask for it on a regular basis.
  5. They check if the food at the supermarket has soy
  6. They ask, “is this REAL butter?” at a restaurant or friends house.
  7. They ask for Thieves oil, fermented cod liver oil or elderberry syrup when they are getting sick.
  8. They eat coconut oil off the spoon.
  9. They think regular soda is ‘too sweet’.
  10. They tell their friends they will die if they eat Fruit Loops.
  11. They read ingredient labels and say…”mom, this isn’t real food”
  12. They ask for (and you gladly give them) a slab of grass-fed butter for a snack.
  13. Their definition of junk food is Goldfish.
  14. They have no idea what McDonald’s is OR that you do something other than play at the playground there.
  15. They prefer their pastured eggs fried in bacon grease with a side of kraut.
  16. They don’t know what candy is when they see it at the store.
  17. Prefer cloth diapers to disposable and wonder why other people throw their diapers away.
  18. They carry their stuffed animals around in a make-shift sling.
  19. Ask for butter, yogurt, or veggies for their snacks.
  20. They lobby for homemade ice cream only after they’ve “eaten something healthy to balance it out”.
  21. They get hurt and ask for arnica and some essential oils.
  22. They beg you for raw goat milk (or any other raw milk).
  23. They point to fast food restaurants and proceed to tell you how bad they are and say, “don’t worry, Mom, if Omi and Poppy try to take us there we’ll tell them we don’t want to eat chemicals.”
  24. They see a food item at the store that they want and they ask you for it by stating “But Mom, it’s organic!”
  25. They ask for green “Chlorella” tablets like they are candy!
  26. They prefer homemade salad after sports practice because it’s a great mix of carbs and protein…
  27. They ask if it’s gluten free OR that they have no idea what a Twinkie is.
  28. …you pull into Walmart and they say “mom, we’re not buying *air quotes* food *air quotes* here, are we?” with worried looks on their faces.
  29. They caution others on the dangers of high fructose corn syrup, GMOs and non-organic foods.
  30. They ask for a wash-cloth because you don’t have paper towels.
  31. They are surprised when something doesn’t go in the recycle bin or the compost bucket.
  32. They can recognize and name obscure vegetables.
  33. They know how to milk a cow (or goat).
  34. They are wary of plastic.
  35. They berate you for not turning off lights to save electricity.
  36. They love homemade soda (water kefir).
  37. They enjoy eating unusual (but nutrient dense) things for breakfast (and cereal is either a rare treat or they don’t know what it is)
  38. They ASK to use the neti-pot when they are stuffed up OR ask for wet sock treatment when they are sick.
  39. They think their friends are picky eaters (because they don’t eat real food) and they love the real food snacks you give them.
  40. They loudly judge the contents of other shopping carts in the grocery store.

0-5 If you are crunchy, your kids haven’t picked up on it yet. Talk to them about your food and lifestyle choices! Kids are so smart and they are much more willing to learn now than they might be later!

6-20 Your kids are pretty crunchy. They may still enjoy donuts and popsicles, but they have been watching and listening more than you may have realized. Watch out, pretty soon they will call you (and anyone else) out on your choices!

21-40 Wow! Your kids are very crunchy! Your little sponges have absorbed a lot and being health conscious and green is a huge part of their identity. These movers and shakers are gonna help change the world!

Confession time. My own kids only score a 20 (remember I didn’t make up these questions, they came from other readers and bloggers). My own kids can tell you a lot about what foods are healthy or not, but honestly, they aren’t going to turn down fast food or candy. They think unhealthy food is only for special occasions. But they are willing to call any day “special”.

Wondering what my crunchy blogger friend’s kid’s scored? ME TOO!

Oh Lardy‘s kids scored 20. (whew! same as me)

Kristen Ethridge – Real Time Mama‘s kids got 19, but they can’t even read labels yet, so she is sure they’re score will go up.

Whistle Pig Hollow’s  child got a 12. Pretty good for a toddler!

What did your kids score? Let me know in the comments! And don’t forget to go check your score on the You Might Be Crunchy if… quiz! crunchykidstall

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