You can’t MAKE your husband crunchy. (and why you shouldn’t try)


Maybe you are one of those lucky people whose life partner is someone who shares their passion for real food, sustainable living and hatred of plastic. Or maybe you are like the rest of us…

I am what a lot of people call “crunchy”. I scored a 43 out of 50 on this “You Might be Crunchy if….” quiz, but I gaurantee my husband would get a much lower score. While I am agonizing over which recipe for homemade toothpaste to use, he is sneaking in bright blue mouthwash. I might spend the whole week preparing paleo meals, and he will treat us all to homemade pasta. I get rid of our microwave and plastic cups and he takes his lunch to work in a plastic tub and microwaves it in the same container. He avoids changing cloth diapers, uses regular deodorant and never reads ingredients lists to check for GMOs.

Sometimes it may seem like your spouse/boyfriend/partner is undermining everything your are working so hard to achieve with your health. But guess what? You can’t MAKE your husband crunchy.

You actually can’t change anything about him. The more you try, the more he will resist. Your quirky, crunchy ways may amuse or annoy him, or maybe he doesn’t notice at all, but please understand that no matter how important they are to you, you can’t force your choices on someone else. It will only stress both of you out (and we all know that stress is bad for the immune system) and hurt your relationship.

Don’t worry. It’s not hopeless. It just has to be their own idea.

It’s funny how I can harp on something for years (fermented foods for example) and it goes in one of his ears and out the other. But then one day he is listening to the radio and hears a fantastic interview with someone talking about the benefits of fermented foods and how easy it is to do yourself. Next thing I know I am married to the world’s best preparer of kimchee. No joke. But if this happens, for heavens sake don’t make a big deal about it or say you told them so. Just enjoy.

Teach by example, not words.

Don’t let his disinterest slow you down any. Just as you don’t control his choices, neither does he control yours. He may (who are we kidding? He WILL) think you are a little crazy, but you do what you need to do and as long as you aren’t bossy about it, your influence will start to rub off. Bit by bit he will receive an education by osmosis. Again. You can’t MAKE your husband crunchy.

Focus on the wonderful.

I listed a few of the things I wish my hubby would change, but if I am being honest, there are so many more things that are already wonderful. Like how over the years he has learned to cook and thats how he unwinds on the weekend. Or how he always brings home a bottle of wine for me on Friday nights. Or how he really listens to our kids when they talk and takes the time to research and find funny educational youtube videos that build on their interests. Or how he can sense when I am upset and always listens. So, yeah. He isn’t interested in my DIY body care products or whether something is GMO, but he is an amazing husband and father. And that is good enough for me.

What about you? How do you deal with differences in opinion on health lifestyle choices with the ones you love?

You can’t make your husband crunchy, but your kids… now that is a different matter. Come take the You Might Have Crunchy Kids if… quiz and see if your example has influenced them!

crunchyhusbandtallPhoto Credit: Michal Marcol  (if you thought my hubby would ever want his picture on my blog, you have not met my husband). 😉

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