Why Paleos and Vegans Should Be Friends



Why Paleos and Vegans Should Be Friends

Having only recently joined the ranks of real food bloggers, I am relatively new on the scene. But it didn’t take me long to notice that Real Foodies are a house divided with Paleos on one end of the spectrum and Vegans on the other. I have seen some pretty intense and ugly debates between the two camps, which frankly, don’t make a lot of sense to me. But lets make sure everyone is on the same page with definitions.

What is Paleo?

For a complete definition, click here. The idea is that people evolved as hunter gatherers and human beings do the best on the types of food that these early peoples ate. Lots of meats, veggies, nuts, some fruit… no grains, legumes or processed sugars.

What is Vegan?

For a complete definition, click here. Vegans avoid meats and any other animal products including dairy and eggs. This is also commonly referred to as a “plant based diet”.

Why Paleos and Vegans Should be friends

I’m not here to argue which lifestyle is healthier. There is a lot of research on both sides of the fence and my own personal opinions would be best addressed in another post. For now, lets look at all the things they have in common. The following may not be true of every person you have ever met following a paleo or vegan diet, but is true of the vast majority I have met.

1. Both Paleos and Vegans have made radical lifestyle changes for the good of their health.

Considering that the majority of North Americans eat fast food and processed foods on a regular basis, Vegans and Paleos are already part of the same minority that avoids processed junk and dislikes the industrial food system that serves it. They both have to be careful when eating out, because offensive ingredients lurk behind many items on the menu or package. Sure, they are looking for different ingredients, but carefully reading the list of ingredients already puts you ahead of the average consumer.

2. Both Vegans and Paleos hate CAFOS, factory farming and cruelty to animals.

Vegans deal with this by boycotting all animal products, while Paleos search out animals that have lived healthy lives, roaming pastures or forests. So, both groups are protesting a system that is cruel to animals and contributes to disease, increased pollution and groundwater contamination. But they both agree that factory farms are the devil!

3. Both Paleos and Vegans avoid dairy

So, dairy is a no-no to both camps too! Almond milk latte’s anyone? Coconut milk smoothies? Cashew cheese? My own personal opinions on dairy notwithstanding, This is a huge thing to have in common!

4. Both groups eat a lot of veggies and most of them prefer organic, non-GMO foods

When I am cooking for a group that includes Vegans and Paleos, it’s not that difficult to serve both, because both eat lots of veggies! Delicious salads, soups, roasted squash and oh…. the desserts…. mmmm…. As long as they can be nice to each other, these two seemingly opposed groups can feast in style! They both appreciate good, local veggies and would prefer to eat all organic and avoid genetically modified ingredients if possible (again, I can’t speak for all of them, just the ones I know!)

In conclusion, Vegans and Paleos have a lot of things in common. And since what you are only responsible for your own health (and your family’s), you don’t need to worry too much about what others are eating.

And I don’t know about you, but I would like to see everyone eat REAL food and stop putting processed junk into their bodies, so if they are already on the right track by reading labels, eating lots of veggies and not supporting factory farming and the industrialized food system!

So, be like the cast of Oklahoma and realize that the farmer and the cowman can be friends (and that life is better with a little song and dance):


And I also leave you one final peace offering. I have gathered a collection of Paleo Vegan recipes. A virtual feast!  Or if you have all sorts of different diets to provide for, check out this amazing collection of recipes for feeding a variety of diets! AND An amazing recipe book full of desserts that Paleos, Vegans and everyone in between will agree are DELICIOUS!

Why Paleos And Vegans Shoulld be Friends


***Real Food Disclaimer: I am neither vegan, nor paleo. I follow a traditional foods diet and avoid all processed foods and enjoy all REAL, organic foods preferably from local sources.

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