Completely Inappropriate Breakfast Foods (and why we love them)

inappropriate breakfast2

Ice cream for breakfast? Yes, please.

Before jumping on the “real food” bandwagon, I had a lifelong love affair with cold cereal. I could eat it for any meal. Loved it. Still do. But, the more I learned the more I realized that store bought breakfast cereals are highly processed and not real food. I still make homemade cereals sometimes as a treat, but in general I have moved away from cereal and gotten more creative at breakfast time.

One of the beautiful things about eating real food is that it is delicious and as long as the foods I am eating and feeding my kids are nutrient dense, I don’t get hung up on whether they are traditional “breakfast foods” or not. In fact, a lot of the delicious desserts I make for the kids are so packed with nutrients. They are full of good, brain building fats, rich proteins and unprocessed carbs, so I am delighted (and so are my kids) to offer them ice cream (homemade from raw milk and cream) for breakfast. Some of our favorite breakfasts include:

Soda (Kefir soda, lots of pro-biotics and delicious)

Hot Chocolate (Made with grass fed gelatin, which you can get here)

Pudding and/or jello (also made with grass fed gelatin)

Eggnog (using raw milk and local pastured eggs)

Ice cream (made with raw milk and cream… lots of healthy fats and good bacterias, sweetened with just a little honey or maple syrup)

Although I’m sure when my kids tell their friends that they eat pudding and soda for breakfast, there is jealousy (from the kids) are raised eyebrows (from the parents), I don’t let that bother me. I know I am nourishing my family with the best food I possibly can.

Other alternatives to “normal” breakfast foods are more savory, such as leftover veggies and meats. I have collected a variety of unusual breakfast foods here, just to give you an idea of how flexible and fun breakfast can be!

Breakfasts you can drink:

Hot Chocolate that turns into chocolate pudding from Cheerfully Imperfect

Homemade Soda from Cheerfully Imperfect

Healthy Apple Pie Smoothie: Dessert Thickie from Green Thickies

Strawberry Kefir Smoothie from Cheerfully Imperfect

Chocolate Eggnog from Cheerfully Imperfect

Pick Me Up Chocolate Shake by Butter Nutrition

Breakfast in a Glass from Loula Natural

Desserts, Puddings and Sweet Deliciousness

Heavenly Sweet Potato Pudding from Savory Lotus

Raw Vanilla Ice Cream from Eat Naked

Hot Chocolate that turns into chocolate pudding from Cheerfully Imperfect

Dark Chocolate Breakfast Souffle with Vanilla Almond Butter Drizzle from Primally Inspired

Orange-Blueberry Chia Seed Pudding from DJ Foodie

Dark Chocolate Superfood Mousse from Mix Wellness

Panettone French Toast from Gastronomical Sovereignty 

Fermented Orange Jello from Oh Lardy

Apple Pie Pudding (Paleo) from Meatified

Getting Creative with Eggs

Sweet Eggs from Butter Nutrition

Maple Walnut Scotch Eggs from Popular Paleo

Eggs in a Potato Basket from Fearless Eating

So get creative at breakfast. Think outside the box and enjoy these and other unusual or inappropriate, nutrient dense foods for breakfast! Not sure if you can live with yourself if you start eating chocolate pudding before 9am? I give you permission. And please comment and share other recipes and breakfast ideas!

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