Milk Kefir – simple instructions

Milk Kefir Grains

Have you heard of Milk Kefir?

Milk kefir is a tangy, delicious cousin of yogurt that is easy to culture right on your kitchen counter! All you need are kefir grains (pictured above) and milk. The grains themselves are not a grain at all, but a rubbery, white substance that looks a little like cauliflower. It is a whole colony of pro-biotic cultures that when put in milk, digest the milk, turning it into kefir. Because so much of the lactose is digested by the kefir cultures and enzymes added back in, some people who have a hard time digesting milk have no problem with kefir. It is a great source of good bacterias for your gut and a wonderfully complete food, containing lots of vitamins, enzymes as well as protien and good fat. For a good quality sourse of kefir grains, click here.

To make, simply drop the grains in a jar of milk, close the lid and leave on the counter until the milk thickens and sours slightly (usually 24 to 48 hours).

milk kefir

Once it is cultured, the grains are strained out and ready to use in the next batch, or you can put them in the fridge to hibernate until you are ready to use them again. They multiply over time so even if you start with a small amount, they will grow and soon you will be able to share with your friends.

finished milk kefir

Above is a picture of the milk kefir once cultured. You can see that the cream (I use raw milk, although it will work with pastuerized  milk too) has risen to the top and the milk is visibly thicker. If you leave it even longer the whey will begin to separate, which isn’t a problem, although the longer is cultures, the more sour it will become.

Our favorite way to consume the kefir is to add some frozen fruit and stevia or honey and blend it in the blender to make a smoothie. Strawberry smoothies are a big hit here and make a regular appearance at breakfast.

strawberry milk kefir smoothies

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