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If you asked me at the beginning of last year what I would be doing this year, I might not have believed that in a little over a year I would not only start a successful home business with Young Living, but would make as much as my husband does at his fancy advertising job, with my income rising each month. It still seems so surreal that I can set my own hours, spend my time with my kids and educate people on how to live healthy lives, while making an excellent living. I not only feel blessed that I found the best job in the world, but I am so excited to be able to share this opportunity with others.

Maybe you are already have a job and just want to make a nice part time income. Or maybe you would like to replace your current income and be able to set your own hours. Whatever your situation, Young Living is an amazing opportunity, which allows you to earn however much you need, while setting your own hours. I am part of an amazing team and we have so many resources and so much training to offer. You don’t need to know anything to start; simply be teachable and ready to learn. To get an overview of the business opportunity, watch this:

This job truly allows me to get out what I put into it. I want to be completely transparent. Every year, Young Living releases an income disclosure statement so people can see what actual Young Living distributors are making and I have friends at EVERY level listed on this sheet (I am currently a GOLD) and I can tell you that the numbers truly represent the average incomes. This does not mean that the people who reach high levels do not work very hard to get there. It simply means that hard work is rewarded.

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To see the full income disclosure statement from Young Living, click here.

I don’t want to take you away from a job you love. But everyone deserves to spend their time getting compensated for how hard they work and to have the flexibility to design their lives. That’s what I get to do every single day. I set my work hours around my kids schedules and then when I AM working, it’s incredibly satisfying, wonderful work. I want that for everyone. So, if you already have that somewhere else, GREAT. But if not, let’s chat. You might just want to work with me.

It all starts with the essential oils. To learn more about getting started with a Young Living membership, click here. Or if you have a question, chat with me on Facebook. 


If you want to know a little bit more about my story, listen to this:

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