3 Reasons Why You are Still in Your Pajamas

3 reasons you are still in your pajamas

3 Reasons Why You are Still in Your Pajamas (or yoga pants)

Yes you. The one who figures that by not getting dressed she is saving on laundry (funny how not getting dressed hasn’t shrunk that big pile of clothes that you are trying to avoid). And when I say “you”, I may or may not be speaking to my own guilty conscience *cough*.  I recently found an amazing program called Dressing Your Truth®. I learned which of the Four Types of Beauty I was and then how to dress in a way that helps me communicate my type of beauty to everyone around me. This also made me really notice a difference in the days that I dressed “my truth” and the days I stayed in my comfy pants all day. So listen up. I know 3 reasons why you are still in your pajamas, but I have 3 better reasons to GO GET DRESSED!

1. I’m just staying home with the kids. Nobody important is going to see me today anyway. False. You have to look at yourself in the mirror and how you feel about yourself (whether you realize it or not) will affect your overall attitude and your ability to get things done.  When you feel sloppy or unattractive you are less motivated to do anything. At the end of the day do you want to look back on your day and feel like you accomplished something? Do you want to be productive with your time? Get dressed! (for more tips on finding balance as a stay at home mom, read this.)

2. If I get dressed, my baby/kids/chores will probably get me messy. Probably true. But so what? Clothes are made to be worn! You don’t have to put on your Sunday best. If you have a small child, I don’t recommend wearing white (I don’t even need the help of a small child. I spill coffee/mustard/tomato sauce on myself regularly). But there are plenty of comfortable, attractive clothes for everyday wear that you would make you feel good about yourself. Get dressed!

3. My clothes don’t fit/I don’t like my clothes. I just need to get in shape and then go shopping. False. If you never feel like you look good, you will never be motivated enough to lose weight and get in shape. If you have clothes in your closet that you don’t like or don’t look good on you, then purge your closet. You should only own clothes that make you feel beautiful and attractive. Life is too short to waste time not being at your best. Can’t afford new clothes? Neither can I, but even a few key items from a thrift store can make a world of difference (have I mentioned that I LOVE thrift stores?). Once you feel attractive you will be motivated to take care of your body. You deserve to dress in a way that communicates and reflects your own type of beauty.

I know exactly how you feel. I stay home  and homeschool my 4 kids (although I don’t like the title “stay at home mom”, as it doesn’t accurately reflect my life). Some days I don’t get dressed until 3 in the afternoon and if I’m honest, those are the days I feel like a loser. When I get up and dressed in something nice, I get so much more done! I am more likely to accomplish the things I want to or get out and do something fun with the kids.

If you are interested in learning which type of beauty you are and what styles and colors will help you best reflect your own beauty, click here.

Enjoy looking your best today!!!



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