Are your clothes talking for you?


Are your clothes talking for you?

The answer is yes. Whether you intend it or not, your clothes are the first form of communication you have with everyone you meet. Before a word every comes out of your mouth, the way you dress tells people what kind of person you are, how you like to get things done and how you move through life. But what if they are wrong?

Are your clothes telling the truth about you?

I have never been stylish. Honestly, style isn’t something that was important to me. I DO like shopping for clothes, but I look for things based on if I like them or not and style doesn’t often enter into the equation. But communicating is huge for me and recently I ran across a program called Dressing Your Truth®. The premise is that everybody is unique in their personality and energy and that it is important to dress in a way that helps you best express your truest self. For instance, some people want to be taken more seriously, so they dress in a way they consider more professional or serious, but if it isn’t “them” then they may just come across looking ridiculous.

The Four Types of Beauty:

In Dressing Your Truth, Carol Tuttle describes The Four Types of Beauty and you determine your type based on your personality and what kind of energy movement you have.

  • TYPE 1SM Bright, Bubbly, Animated
  • TYPE 2SM Fluid, Soft, Subtle
  • TYPE 3SM Rich, Dynamic, Forward
  • TYPE 4SM Bold, Striking, Still

Which type are you?

At first, as I read through the information, I was sure I was a Type 1 woman. I am bubbly, animated, positive and full of ideas. But some of the other qualities didn’t quite resonate with me. Wanting to find out for sure, I skipped forward and skimmed the list of keywords for each type and when I got to the section that described Type 3 energy, I felt like I was reading about myself… the list of qualities was like a mirror. I had to laugh when I got to one part that said, “a Type 3 woman may have skipped forward to this section without reading the first part…” Whoops. Guilty. But that’s me. I need answers. I get it done. Are you interested in finding what which Type of Beauty fits you? Click here!


What to do about it!

How invigorating to find out that I can pick out clothes with a clear focus now, knowing what colors and styles are going to look best on me and help me communicate who I am to the rest of the world. I have been able to purge my closet of things that don’t work for me and now whenever I go out I get compliments (today a student told me I look like Belle from Beauty and the Beast… who is, I am pretty sure, also a Type 3 nature). Wanna learn your type? Not only is it fun, but the process of digging deeper and finding out who you are so you can share it with others is thrilling and exciting. It’s wonderful to feel more fully “yourself” because you are dressing in a way that resonates with your true nature. What do you think?



If you would like to hear another story of a woman who has discovered how to communicate her true beauty, read my friend April’s story here.

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