Raising Healthy Kids in an Unhealthy world – before you judge me because my kids judged you, read this

raising healthy kids


Raising healthy kids in an unhealthy world isn’t an easy task…

I am actually writing this post in response to some comments and conversations that resulted from my “you might be crunchy if..”  (both on my blog and some other sites where the quiz was shared) and in particular question #33, which mentions kids judging other people’s grocery carts in the store, which embarrassingly enough has happened to me.

I teach my children how to judge whether or not certain foods are healthy, not to judge people.

We actually work very hard in our family to be understanding and non-judgmental, but please remember that for small children, it is hard to separate the doer from the deed and a person from the choices they make. So, when we go through the grocery store and they ask questions about why we buy certain things and don’t buy other things, I explain to them the health risks of red dye and GMOs. We talk about fruits and veggies and why it is healthier to eat the ones that are in season. Each aisle is an opportunity to teach my kids about healthy choices. Instead of simply saying, “We can’t get that. It’s not healthy.” I read the labels and ingredients lists, explain what different things are and ask their opinions on if we should buy and eat certain foods. Armed with this information, kids make surprisingly healthy choices on their own (don’t get me wrong, my kids have as much of a sweet tooth as the next kid).

So, it is confusing to them why they see other people buying foods or food like products that they know are unhealthy. Being young and curious, they do question and comment. And like any parent of a small child, I am not always able to control their volume. Can I use this as another teaching opportunity? Absolutely! But it has been said. The embarrassing moment has occurred and I can’t take it back. If a child sees a smoker and comments on the dangers of smoking, does that mean that the child is being raised by a biddy and judgmental parent? No. It means a caring adult has explained to that child the risks of smoking.

So, please know that I do not judge people. And I am teaching my children not to judge other people too. But I will not apologize for teaching my children to make healthy choices.

The quiz I mentioned at the beginning does not represent all of my own ideas on health or “crunchiness”, but was compiled from several surveys taken by health and clean eating bloggers as well as on natural living social media. I simply compiled the most popular questions and answers.

And please, gentle readers, remember that behind every blog there is a human being who is expressing their own experiences and doing the best they can. Speak online the same way you would speak in person, for the internet is populated with people.

Thank you!



healthy kids in an unhealthy world

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