How I Beat Mastitis Without Antibiotics


How I Beat Mastitis Without Antibiotics

I consider myself very lucky that I never got mastitis with my first 3 babies. I heard the horror stories, but never had to deal with it myself and never learned how to prevent mastitis. Until #4. My baby was 6 weeks old when it happened the first time. I started with a slight tenderness on the side of my right breast when we were out for a whole afternoon and he slept through one of his normal feeding times.  Now, I am a crunchy momma and rarely get sick, but mastitis made me feel like I had been hit by a truck.

I wish I had known what it was right away, because I ignored the soreness and carried on with my business. BIG MISTAKE. When mastitis knocks, you drop everything and respond right away  or risk it being much worse than it would be otherwise. Over the next few hours the pain intensified and I developed terrible chills and a very high fever. I called my care provider first thing the next morning (which I recommend you do too) and she told me to keep nursing (which I had been) and gave me some suggestions, but said if my fever didn’t drop by that night I should get some antibiotics, because if it went unchecked too long it could become dangerous. But I was very eager to beat this mastitis without antibiotics, because I have a tendency towards yeast infections, which can be brought on by antibiotics.  Plus, any antibiotics I take get passed on to my baby, making them more likely to get thrush.


I had several reoccurring bouts of mastitis (my lactation consultant thought it was due to my baby having a poor latch, since he had a very sensitive gag reflex. He got plenty of milk, because of my abundant supply, but he did not compress my breast properly to empty each duct of milk), and I learned not only how to recognize it coming on, but what to RIGHT AWAY to fight mastitis without antibiotics.

What to do. HOW to treat mastitis without antibiotics.

  1. First and foremost, keep nursing. Mastitis usually starts with a plugged duct and it needs to be emptied. If possible, nurse with your baby’s chin pointed towards the tender area. His lower jaw applies the most pressure while nursing, so this is the best angle at which to empty the clogged duct. If the sore area is on top of the breast, some mamas have success leaning over their baby from above and having the baby nurse with the chin pointed towards the tender area. My baby thought I was nuts and refused to participate in this bizarre behavior. But it is worth a try! If baby can’t nurse at the right angle, maybe daddy will help? Hey, if you have ever had this, you will try ANYTHING.
  2. Take turns between applying hot and cold compresses and massage the sore area as firmly as you possible can. Yes, it will hurt like the devil. Yes, you need to do it anyway. Hot showers with the stream of water hitting the tender spot are helpful too. With a firm massage in the hot shower, some mamas may feel the plugged duct become suddenly unplugged, almost like a “pop” and then there is a thick, stringy discharge. But even if this doesn’t happen, the heat and massage are still very helpful.
  3. Put a cold green cabbage leaf on the affected breast as a cool compress. Leave on for 15 minutes every two hours. I found this EXTREMELY helpful and soothing, but be careful if you have supply issues as this suppresses supply. This was not an issue for me, since I always had an over-abundance of milk.
  4. Take lecithin capsules by mouth. This can also help thin out the milk and get things unclogged. This is also a very effective PREVENTION, if you have re-occurring bouts of mastitis.
  5. Go to bed IMMEDIATELY and use wet sock treatment (hydro-therapy) to fight the fever and infection. When done immediately this boost to your immune system is a powerful tool.
  6. Take pro-biotics and eat as much fresh garlic as you can stand. This will also boost your body’s natural immune response.
  7. Rest, rest, rest. Nurse, nurse, nurse. Repeat. Listen to your body and slow down. Don’t wait until it beats you first!

how I beat mastitis

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I hope this post has been helpful! Do you have any natural mastitis remedies? Please share them in the comments!





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DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor and the statements on this blog have not been evaluated by the FDA. Any products or techniques mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. I am just a mom who shares what works for me!