How I Turned Pinterest into a Workout – with a treadmill desk!



No more “wasting” time online… I made my own treadmill desk!

Last Spring I read this awesome review about a treadmill desk by one of my favorite bloggers. I remember thinking it would be perfect for me. I am a naturally active person. I love swimming, hiking, long walks (man, this is starting to sound like a personals ad! Sorry, I’m taken!) and rollerblading. But I also have children. Which means that if I want to work out I have to:

a) pay a babysitter or

b) work out with my kids.

I usually opt for b, since I want to spend as much time with my kids as possible and I can’t afford to pay a sitter while I go workout. Plus, working out in a gym bores me. There. I said it. Even with great music, or staring at a TV, I get bored. Reading is okay, but you can’t go very fast when you read. So, I looked for ways to stay active with my kids. We jump on the trampoline together, go on walks (the kind of walks where you go slow, waiting for a toddler to pedal their tricycle and stop to pick every flower and examine every rock) and do yard work. But I still kept thinking back to that article… Every time I wasted an hour on social media I would think, man I wish I got carried away jumping rope.

A couple of years ago I bought a regular treadmill at the thrift store for $50 bucks. It was a good deal and I used it a lot… for about a month. After that it just became an eyesore in the living room. A constant reminder that I wasn’t working out. So, finally I decided that either I needed to use it or get rid of it, because I was trying to purge my house of things we didn’t need or use. A brilliant idea occurred to me and I found a scrap of wood wide enough for my laptop. With the help of some bungee cords I secured it to the arms of my treadmill and voila! Treadmill desk! Now, it may not look as fancy as this one, but it works really well! I easily walk 3 to 5 miles a day now and it feels wonderful to be so active (and blog and check Facebook and pinterest…)My treadmill desk

I walked 2.09 miles on my treadmill desk while working on this post…

So, now I spend just as much time with my kids, going on very slow flower picking walks and jumping on the trampoline, I just “waste” less time online. I don’t walk very fast… about 2.3 miles an hour. But it adds up… you know that from how much time gets wasted in front of your computer. That time adds up. Instead of being a chore, its fun.

One thing I was worried about was that my toddler would try to climb on or be fussy when I walked. But it’s actually the opposite. He did try climbing on once, took a ride to the other end, scared, but unharmed and has avoided it ever since. Now when I walk, he putters around the room, looking for trouble (as toddlers do) and playing and he pretty much ignores it. He is actually less clingy, until I actually step off and then he remembers that he wants to be held. It’s kind of funny.

So, what’s my point? I did it. So can you. Used treadmill, 2 bungee cords and a piece of wood. Bam. Do you have creative way of sneaking in more exercise and activity? I would love to hear about it!

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