Wet Sock Treatment

wet socks treat the common cold


Wet Sock Treatment

Sounds crazy, right? When I first heard this I shrugged it off. Ridiculous old wives tail. I have tried some unusual home remedies, but this seemed completely counter-intuitive and silly. But mom’s get desperate late at night when their kids are sick and miserable. So, late one night I tried it on my little boy and it worked so well I spent the next day reading and researching this crazy treatment and found out that it’s not as crazy as it sounds at first. But to start, lets see how it’s done.

HOW to Use Wet Sock Treatment

The treatment is is easy and doesn’t take any special ingredients (which is probably why I was willing to try it in the middle of the night… it didn’t require driving anywhere). What you need:

2 pairs of socks preferably at least 90% natural fibers like cotton or wool


Yep. Thats it.

Step one. You start by warming up the feet as much as possible. With a big kid or adult it’s nice to soak the feet in hot water for 10 or 15 minutes. If you are treating a baby and their feet were already wrapped up and warm, they are probably fine to move to step 2.

Step two. Get the first pair of socks soaking wet in ice cold water, squeeze them out and put them on the warm feet. Some people like to put their wet socks in the freezer or fridge while they soak their feet. Then, put on the dry pair of socks over the wet pair and immediately go to bed and stay wrapped up nice and warm. Do not walk around or uncover. The socks will be dry within four hours. Repeat each night as necessary.

How does it work?

Wet sock treatment works, because when the feet go from being very warm to very cold, the body wants to warm them up and return to homeostasis. To do this, it increases circulation and blood flow, which in turn moves blood through all your systems, including the lymph system, which increases the immune response to everything else happening in the body at the same time.

I have successfully used this treatment with myself and my children, always with positive results. When my baby is coughing at night, wet sock treatment works faster than cough medicine to stop the coughing and he usually falls asleep almost immediately. I also love that it is safe for children of any age and has no harmful side effects. When my baby was 2 months old and got a fever, I was worried about what dose of tylenol to give him, so while I waited to hear back from the doctor I tried wet sock treatment and it lowered his fever so much he no longer needed medicine. This is actually my very favorite home remedy for tiny babies.

Wet sock treatment works the best on colds and flu. It is especially helpful when congestion or fever is involved. Because it helps bring a fever down, I tried it on my last bout of mastitis and it worked wonderfully. Usually mastitis puts me on my back for 3 days at a time, but it cleared up in half the time. My immune system just seemed to need a little bit of help.

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