Minimalist Holiday Wish List

minimalist wish list



Minimalism at Christmas almost sounds like an oxymoron. So often Christmas is about stuff and things and gifts. Don’t get me wrong, I love gifts. But since embracing minimalism and working to declutter and simplify, my wish list has changed. And I pause longer before selecting gifts for others. So, after pondering it, I have finally decided what to put on my wish list this year.

1. Time. I want to spend time with my kids, my husband and my friends. I want time to have conversations, play games and enjoy each others company. These things don’t come in a nice, neat package that you can buy and wrap. But time can be given in two ways. First, spend time with me. Let’s go for coffee or meet for dinner. Let’s play a game or take a walk. Second, give me the opportunity to take time. Help me with the laundry or offer to watch my kids. Both these methods of giving “time” are incredibly valuable and if you want to put it in a package, then by all means, write it nicely and wrap it up!

2. Experiences. New things are wonderful while they are shiny and new. But then the novel wears off and they become like all the other things you own and surround yourself with and cease to mean much. But an experience creates a memory. Some of my favorite gifts are my best memories. The year my husband got me opera tickets, a restaurant gift card and a fancy dress all in one neat package that meant “date night”. The museum membership my dad gave the kids that let us visit and learn all year long. Can you take me somewhere I have never been? Can you provide a unique experience I will never forget?

3. Senses. This one ties into experiences, but I love gifts I can taste (delicious food), smell (essential oils for my diffuser, or all natural soaps), hear (good music) or see (something visually delightful like good art). Especially if it is something I can share or pass on.

4. Finally, if you want to get me someTHING, let be of good quality. This doesn’t mean expensive, but sometimes it will be. Something that isn’t cheap, cluttery or flashy. Something that will last a long time and be beautiful and useful. But truly, this is only if you must. I have more than I truly need, which is very little. In fact, I hope to have less by the time the holidays arrive, as I continue the struggle to rid myself of the unnecessary.

What I truly want are beautiful relationships with those I care about, time to spend with them and memories to cherish. This is my wish list.

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